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Our approach

Sustainability is an integrated part of Saab's strategy to drive value for customers, partners, employees, owners and society as a whole. Contributing to safe and resilient societies in light of increased instability in the world, Saab is committed to strengthening the positive impact on sustainability from its operations whilst ensuring that research, innovation and technology help enable sustainable development.

Saab's mission: Keeping people and society safe

Defence is the stepping-stone towards more sustainable and resilient societies. Our commitment to society is at the core of Saab's identity and sustainability is the very basis for the company’s long-term development and growth. Peace, security and stability are prerequisites to ensure that we can reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) together. In a world where threats against societies are growing increasingly diverse, and with climate change giving rise to a new type of instability, Saab contributes to defence and security capabilities as a trusted partner in Sweden and many other countries.

Saab's Sustainability Strategy


Saab's sustainability strategy aims to integrate the management of sustainability topics into Saab's core business and to create a common agenda for the whole company. Through the strategy, Saab strives to manage the environmental, economic and social impacts of its value chain, operations and products. Saab should contribute to the development of safe and resilient societies with innovation and responsible business practices, to become a fundamental actor of a sustainable future.

To create security and defence capabilities in a responsible and sustainable way, we have prioritised a number of sustainability issues that are integrated in our business strategy. A long-term approach is extremely important to us, not least because several of our projects extend over very long periods. We continuously measure and monitor key sustainability aspects and integrate them in our processes. Saab's sustainability commitment serves as the basis for our long-term development and growth.

The sustainability strategy has been approved by Saab's Board of Directors as part of the approval of the strategic business plan.

Our contribution towards UN Sustainability Development Goals

Saab is committed to contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which is reflected in Saab's new sustainability strategy.

Based on the materiality analysis that was conducted during 2021, Saab has mapped out where the company has the greatest impact on sustainable development and where efforts should be focused in order to find synergies between Saab's business plan and the SDGs. The outcome of the mapping was that Saab contributes most materially to the following SDGs:


Read more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals on the United Nations' website